Welcome to Mandarin Lotus Restaurant

Since the Mandarin Lotus Chinese Fusion Restaurant made its debut in 1988 (formerly known as Mandarin Express), it has become, quite simply, the standard by which all other Chinese cuisine is judged. Owned by Dan Chang and Kim Truong, the quaint establishment rivals even the best-known large scale, fine Asian restaurants. It's no wonder that the many celebrities, Hollywood moguls, restaurateurs, celebrity chefs, and foodies who stumble upon this gem keep coming back again and again! With the first taste of a Mandarin Lotus dish, both diners and restaurant critics alike have become and remained loyal patrons over the past three decades.

We are happy to announce that we now serve a new line of organic tea with over 60 choices, including: White Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Herbal Tea, Dessert Tea and many more. We are your source for the finest loose tea available, as well as tea sets and warmers.

A special Chef's Tasting menu is now available for 8 - 10 courses starting at $10-20 per course, minimum 4 people. Call 818-991-9831 for more information or to make reservation.

Gluten Free available on request.

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Meet the chef...

Master Chef Dan Chang's artful blend of International flavor has become well known at Mandarin Lotus. Chef Chang's fine Michelin-inspired Eurasian cuisine stands out head-and-shoulders above any other Asian eatery, especially because of its unique Molecular Gastronomy Techniques and Recipes. Discover a fresh, evolved fusion of the many tastes of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Italian, French, Spanish and American cuisines.

Taste the magic...

Chef Chang's specialty is found in his subtle blend of spices and seasonings, which he carefully selects to bring out the ultimate flavor in his culinary masterpieces. Taste of any his signature creations, such as Soft Shell Crab Butter Lettuce Wrap, Caviar Cone, Horseradish Maple Glazed Venison, Lemongrass Turmeric Colossal Prawn, Argentinian Filet Mignon, Crispy NY Strip with Dark Belgian Chocolate Lava Soil, Raspberry Cotton Candy Cheesecake, and more. The flavors you'll experience are incredible and magnificent tasting—guaranteed to wow you and make a lifelong impression!

Come again...

After a meal, many a diner has insisted on meeting the Chef, to thank him and to share that the meal they just experienced will stand out as one of the greatest meals that they've ever had the pleasure of tasting.

"The Mandarin Lotus Restaurant was infinitely better than any meal I had in Shanghai."

"Chef Chang's future-forward culinary artistry is guaranteed to make your taste buds come alive!"